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  • Omelette!

    Well, not the most attractive omelette I’ve done, but the camera was nearby. 2 eggs beaten with a little heavy whipping cream (maybe 1 or 2 teaspoons…I just poured some in) green pepper mushrooms green onion 3 thin slices of roma tomato monterey jack cheese medium cheddar cheese salt, pepper, basil

  • I finally did the right thing and joined the Usability Professionals Association

    After years of crashing UPA-sponsored events, I finally shelled out the membership fee and joined the association. The Usability Professionals Association is a professional organization that is focused on supporting the development of the field of usability.

  • The trouble with desiring less is that it is easier to have more.

    A series of thoughts led me to write a list of possessions. This is, more or less, what I possess, not counting perishables or things like paper towels. Dishes, pots, pans, mixing bowls, cutting board, cooking utensils, flatware Mop, bucket, broom, dust pan, vacuum, toilet bowl brush, 2 garbage cans, dish rags, towels, cleaning solvents, […]

  • Memories of snow

    I read the book “Snow” by Orhan Pamuk. There is much to say about the book, but I’ll say nothing, except that upon discussing the novel with Sarah Payok, who recommended I read it, I recalled some memories of snow, which I have not written down before. The sound of snow I meditated often when […]

  • Perspective 2 Studio is hopping!

    This past summer my friend Adam (of Envision Internet Consulting) and I worked with Lynne Brown and Matt Schulert of MediaGraphics, Inc. on a website for an exciting concept of Lynne’s, called Perspective2. The idea was to create a studio space for the artists and producers in the area, and, wow, has it taken off! […]

  • MSU English Department Film series, ICS file

    The English Department at Michigan State University is promoting a film series over the next few months that looks interesting. It is called Cinema under Siege: Imperiled Visions from Beirut to Baghdad. The screenings will be held on campus in C20 Snyder-Phillips Hall and are free and open to the public. Here’s a PDF of […]

  • Performing music

    Back in mid-December, I played a fun little coffee-house type gig over near Detroit (Southfield maybe?) with my friend Paul Tiseo and a small crew of other musicians. It was for a group of young adult Catholics to socialize after what I interpret as a prayer meeting. I was a little nervous going into it, […]

  • I’m a student again, and tardy already!

    After a nine-year break, I’ve enrolled again at Michigan State University! Back in 1998 or 99 I took a full-time job offer producing websites, and never finished my degree in English. So, finally, I’ll finish it off this semester. If everything goes as planned, I should graduate this May. I’m taking one class: REL 350–Buddhism […]

  • XML file of shooting ranges in Michigan

    As another small step in this process of manipulating a data set to upload to Google Maps, I took the cleaned XHTML I had from a few days ago, and used TextWrangler to do some quick search and replaces on the source code in order to produce this XML file. ranges-data.xml Next, I think, I’ll […]

  • Sample KML structure for the shooting ranges data

    And here is a sample of what the intended shooting ranges KML feed will look like.