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  • Clean XHTML of shooting ranges data

    My goal is to upload a comprehensive list of shooting ranges to Google Maps (see prior posting). So, to accomplish this, here are the steps I’ve thought of.

  • Map of shooting ranges in Michigan

    I’m beginning to put together a Google Map of shooting ranges in Michigan. Do you know of a place to shoot that I should add? Comment with your suggestion and I’ll incorporate it. Here’s a look. View Larger Map

  • Wow, did John Manning and his crew help me out.

    Here’s an example of one Christian brother helping out another. I have a 1998 Plymouth Neon that I thought mainly just needed an O2 sensor replaced. Last week I brought the car and the sensor to John over at Manning Equipment, and he and his mechanics took a look at it. Now, I don’t completely […]

  • The divorce has taken place

    The divorce papers have been signed and filed, so the divorce is effective today. It has been roughly 19 months since Chey filed the divorce papers. I feel some relief that this drawn-out process is over. I took the ring off. Officially, we were married for over 9 years, though we have been separated since […]

  • Dates related to our marriage

    February 11, 1998 I had dinner with Dan and Hilda Davis (Dan is Chey’s father) to ask for Chey’s hand in marriage. They responded, “No.” Nervous silence ensued. Then Hilda finally added, “Take all of her, not just her hand!” Very funny. After dinner I decided that it was the day to propose. After realizing […]

  • Fryeburg Academy in Maine denies yearbook photos of junior shooter

    Well, at the risk of coming off as a gun-nut, I want you to be aware of this bigotry: Gun Bias Check (from Xavier’s blog). The short of it is, young Joshua Enos is a trap shooter and submitted a senior photo of himself with his shotgun (unloaded, open, safe) to the Fryeburg Academy yearbook […]

  • What does it take to be an evangelist of good interface design?

    Reference: The Art of Evangelism, Guy Kawasaki Here are Kawasaki’s list of ten ways of looking at evangelism and my interpretation of them as someone who might be an evangelist within an organization for good interface design. 1. Create a cause. We need to do good interface design on our products, because it makes life […]

  • I educate

    Slightly over a year ago, I switched careers from website producer, consultant, and business owner to technology educator. I entered an organization in the midst of its ongoing, subtle identity crisis. Do we think of ourselves as trainers? We are called that, sometimes, because we give short courses and workshops on various computing topics, and […]

  • Praise God for food!

    I ate well again today! Whoo hoo! It was another salmon dinner, like a prior post. Except this time it was salmon, white rice, and a roma tomato, sliced and seasoned with salt and pepper. I thought the meal looked great on the plate. It was on a green dinner plate (thanks again Anne), with […]

  • Salmon dinner

    I could live off frozen food, being a single guy. I’ve had weeks where dinners consist of a can of tuna and saltine crackers. But, as the song says, You don’t have to live like a refugee. So, today after church today I actually cooked a decent meal. I’m eating it now. It is very […]