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  • Pistol practice, Aug 15, 2009 and notes on iron sights for Ruger Mk II

    I went to the Saginaw Field & Stream pistol range this morning and fired a practice 900 bullseye course with my Ruker Mk II .22. A couple months ago I upgraded the iron sights on the gun. Up till this point I’ve shot with the original Ruger sights, except for a couple years in the […]

  • Vacation in the Keewenaw

    For the past week I’ve had Lila and Eva with me up in Keewenaw in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I grew up here, and we’ve been staying at my parents’ house. We’ve spent the last few days at our family’s cottage (we call it a “camp”) on Portage Lake. The photos of the ducks […]

  • Amazing Grace: The Journey, new YouTube video from Adam

    My friend Adam posted this rendition of “Amazing Grace” to YouTube yesterday.

  • Young Earth Creationism—huh?

    In my last post, I ended with the thought that I may settle into a small Baptist church nearby. Well, last weekend I attended the evening service and the pastor used the message to express his belief that the earth was created between 6 and 10,000 years ago. Now, I’ve never looked into the young […]

  • Church uncertainties, church seeking

    Last Summer I moved to a village about an hour and a half away from where I have lived for the last 14 years, and so left a vibrant church community I had become a part of. A year has passed, and I am still unsettled. Why? This post includes reflections on my search for a church community.

  • SMASH: I was in a car accident

    As I gingerly pulled a shard of glass from my forearm this morning, I thought I might blog about the car accident I had this past Wednesday. Following is an excerpt of a message I emailed to my coworkers on Thursday morning. I was in a 2-car collision last night while I was driving my […]

  • Pistol practice, Apr 25, 2009

    I hit the range again this morning for a practice 900 bullseye match. What a beautiful morning! I started just after 8 AM and was facing East, and the sunshine played a nice highlighting on my iron sights. Gun: .22 caliber Ruger Mk II Ammo: Winchester Super-X .22 long rifle standard velocity Slow fires were […]

  • “God is so good” rendition by Adam

    My friend Adam posted this to Youtube. Nice job Adam.

  • First pistol practice of the season!

    I made it to the range today! The afternoon was sunny and seemed like it was in the high 30s. My fingers were stiff on the cold pistol, but the lighting was beautiful and the wind was light. This was the first time I’ve shot at the Saginaw Field & Stream club. It has an […]

  • Is it Spring yet? I got stuck on a muddy road.

    The weather today was sunny, blue sky and mid-forties. The Winter is long, and on days like today, it is easy to think the season has changed. No dice. I’m sick. Some sinus, upper-bronchial thing. I left work a little early; I was in no shape to start writing an XML schema. At home I […]