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  • I miss my girls

    I was walking through campus back to my apartment yesterday afternoon. Children and parents were playing near the ducks by the Administration Building. I found myself scanning the crowd for my girls, hoping they would be there so I could see them. Of course they were not there. They would not be. After work today, […]

  • A timeless quote and a relentless question

    The quote. My car smells like one chicken enchilada. ~ Paolo Tiseo The question. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie-Pop?

  • Shooting is humbling

    Adam and I ran a practice 900 point match today. It consisted of thirty shots of slow fire at fifty yards, thirty shots of timed fire at twenty-five yards, and thirty shots of rapid fire at twenty-five yards. We scored each ten-shot target, and ran it fairly close to how a real match would go. […]

  • A clean target

    Yesterday, Adam and I headed out to the range. Adam has a new mil-spec 1911 .45 from Springfield Armory. He pounded through 100 rounds of hardball. It was awesome. We’ve been going out shooting more regularly for at least a few months now, and I have finally cleaned a target. (A clean target refers to […]

  • Dinner

    Ooh. I just cooked up a happy, little, simple dinner. A two egg omelette with small chunks of mushroom, green pepper, and sweet onion, and plenty of cheese. Topped with a little Italian seasoning (mixture of marjoram, thyme, rosemary, savory, sage, oregeno, and basil) and a dollop of sour cream. And three slices of bacon, […]

  • More Slow Fire scores

    I shot again this evening. My first target of the night was not a great start: 74. The very first shot was way out in the white, and I had a few more by the time my first ten shots were up. The string felt reckless. I took shots I should not have taken, and […]

  • Slow Fire scores

    Since I’m shooting a little more often now, I’ll start recording some scores and some goals, especially for Slow Fire, which is my weakest stage of fire. Here’s some background for those who haven’t done this sort of shooting. The style of shooting is called “conventional bullseye pistol” shooting. Competitors must shoot from a standing […]

  • My first pasta dinner

    At the grocery store, I use a red handbasket, no cart. I look at the cans: SPT GRLC/ONIN TM and SP TOMATO PASTE. Too big, I think. They will have to do. Amidst the vegetables, an old woman and I reach for the mushrooms. “You, please,” she grants me first pick, and I bag one […]

  • Family in town

    We spent Friday night and Saturday up in Kentwood, near Grand Rapids. My parents came down to visit. We stayed at Lisa (sister) and Dave Pollock’s place.

  • I can eat crunchy peanut butter now.

    I was at the grocery store and realized that I can buy crunchy peanut butter. So, I’m eating a PB&J with crunchy peanut butter now. Oh man, this is living. I still need to have creamy peanut butter when the girls come over. The last weekend that I had the girls, Lila tried a crunchy […]