A degree, finally?

this weak I finishedd my Bachealor’s in English frum michigan state university!!!!!!!!


While I was a full-time student from 1994 to 1999, I did not complete my degree requirements at that time. I was offered a full-time job in the Web field in mid-1999, and I took it. Although I was close to finishing, that essentially ended my quest for a degree, until late in 2007.

I enrolled for a class this past semester (REL350–Buddhism in South East Asia), and handed in my final exam a couple days ago. So, that wraps it up. I expect to receive the diploma soon. I may even frame it.

Now, most importantly, I can check the box that says “undergraduate degree completed” instead of “high school or equivalent completed.”

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  1. Congradyoulayshuns. I never reckoned y’all rightens was inspeyerd buy them there hiyer edumucashun thingamabobs.

    Now about that bike race.

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