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  • a chainsaw for your birthday?

    So, I did commit and I’m about halfway done with the Anne Lamott book. Here are today’s quotable quotes: “A woman I know says, for her morning prayer, ‘whatever,’ and then for the evening, ‘oh, well,’ but has conceded that these prayers are more palatable for people without children.” Ok, so that is funny. And. […]

  • . . .And the answer is. . .

    so, I’m reading Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott on the recommendation (however indirect) of Dan and Suzanne Price. Now Anne Lamott has always seemed to be, sort of, “half-off” to me, which is not to say “half-assed” but that is another discussion for another time. So It’s hard for me to commit to this book. […]

  • well, what do ya think about that?

    ” ‘ It is my feeling,’ said Avalon, ‘ that however seriously a male may intellectually accept the concept of his wife’s equality, his feeling, viscerally, is that she is merely an appendage.’ “–Asimov, in The Return of the Black Widowers

  • The prodigals have returned

    Heidi-ho, family. the girls and I are back from Indiana. We came back a couple of days early because we ran out of money (and Richmond, IA is not exactly a hip happening town). NO, really we ran out of money and Indiana appears to be the type of place where you need either money […]

  • a decadent pleasure

    So I just saw the new Harry Potter movie on the IMAX screen. It was very cool. But, tickets . . .12 bucks, my friend. Sheesh!

  • Too shy, shy. . .

    ok, guys, I suck. I just bombed an eighties music quiz, mostly because I can’t spell. Now, I really think I need a good eighties mix CD (NOEL) and I’ll test again this fall!

  • knock, knock, anybody home?

    Today I decided that a real grown-up has friends who are going through some of the same things and who a real grown-up can talk to and draw strength from. I also decided that I don’t feel like a real grown-up for just that reason. Somewhere along the way I let go of telling the […]

  • I wonder as I wander

    did you ever wonder if you’d got God all wrong? I’m beginning to feel as though I’ve missed something over all these years. I think I’ve tried to think myself into believing in God and what he can do or has done. i searched google for God’s love. you wouldn’t believe it, so you should […]

  • If I knew now, what I will know then. . .

    So I was reading my thesis today (I know, the height of narcissism) and for the first time in a year, it wasn’t that bad. it’s shocking, I know. but I came to the conclusion that I really could’ve used more time. The whole thing would have been better, you know. When i graduated from […]

  • a few questions

    How many wipes does it take to change a poopy diaper? What does it mean when your 3-year-old says “I love you” 59 times a day? What does sex really mean to women? What’s a good beer for non-beer drinkers? Did you clean your bathtub yet?