Category: Chey

  • feeling a little Violated

    What’s with all the personal information required just to comment on somebody’s blog? Just surfing around checking out blogs within my six-degrees and had to sign over the children just to be able to comment. So I had one of my comments all written and it was a doozy, long, detailed, edifying, astute and GONE […]

  • The Coffee Thing

    For the last two years at Riverview, we’ve had a “Ladies Coffee Break” which entails a lot of hard work and ends up being so much fun. Each of the tables is decorated and fed by a hostess(or hostesses) who envision a theme and invite close friends, relatives and strangers to take a break and […]

  • I love it, I love it, I love it!

    So the concept of a weblog is interesting to me. Everything you write, everyone can see. Any comment anyone makes is visable to all. How can a person resist addiction to the “news” of other people’s lives and then the drama of still others’ reactions to that news? It provokes uncomfortable questions of what community […]

  • Look Ma, No Hands!

    Guess what. I am now authorized to submit poignant and useful information to this blog! Right now I am testing the ease of posting and the simple beauty of the medium (with Davin watching closely over my shoulder). I am taking an interest in the mind-boggling world of high-tech, high-stress, nerd-populated Web junk. I think […]

  • Introducing Master Chey.

    Yes, that long awaited slip of paper from Central Michigan University arrived today. Chey has her Master of Arts degree in hand! Hooray!

  • Contractions

    Here we are timing contractions. This evening Chey and I went out to Outback Steakhouse. Then we went to Target to buy a stroller/carseat combo. Then we went to pick up Lila from Nicole’s apartment. Chey has been having the contractions all evening, and they have been quite stronger than in the past couple weeks. […]

  • Cooking up a storm

    We rapidly approach the due date for baby number two, and Chey is cooking up a storm. Definitely not what I would be doing if I had a passenger with luggage in my belly. The flour on the belly makes this photo for me.

  • The manuscript is in, the MA is looming

    Here it is! Proof that the thesis is finally not going to change again! Chey has worked very hard on this, for almost three years, I think. It is 140+ pages, with untold numbers of pages of revisions leading up to its final form. Congratulations Chey!

  • Chey’s thesis at the grad college

    Incidentally, Chey dropped her thesis off to the grad college at Central Michigan University. While the grad college will probably hand it back with edits to be made, we can always hope they won’t! Thankfully, she is already lined up to teach some more classes at Lansing Community College next school year. Having the MA […]