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  • a bittersweet end.

    The Folk festival was a blast. I forgot the camera. Don’t be upset. I remembered the children. We went Sat and Sun and I think the music has been better in other years. But it is so much fun to be outside with lots of people and to be able to let the kids run […]

  • Catch 22 (what does that even mean?)

    So I was reading this book. . . “He passed streets full of houses just like his own: Victorian brick dividing him from mothers unable to hear the white noise in their heads over crying babies and demanding toddlers, in their self-imposed luxury prisons. When they needed a community, each one would switch on the […]

  • I’ve got friends in low places . . .

    Hey, I’ve got a question again. How do we feel about the “it could be worse” gospel? I think I have sufficiently recovered from the “Prosperity” gospel (you know, follow Christ and all will be well and you’ll get to drive a mercedes) so now I’m struggling with the “it could be worse” gospel. You […]

  • . . .And they’re off!

    So the girls and I spent 6 hours on campus today. We went to the children’s garden, the butterfly house, toured the horticulture gardens outside, walked up to Kresge which is closed until september, went to the fountain at Nat Sci, went to the bank on Grand River, went to the Parlour (which may turn […]

  • Once a Thief. . .

    Ok i have stolen this picture. But it is a photo of two of my favorite people in the whole world and I think they look CUTE! That is Cole Hekki (he’s the little one) and Cole Provencal (She’s slightly larger). My two favorite Coles. I stole that picture from Noel. I’m impressed that I […]

  • The Greatest Mac. . .

    I am currently watching what may be the worse movie ever: Starsky and Hutch. But despite the sheer stupidity of this film there was one priceless quote: “Some one once said, ‘to err is human, to forgive, Divine.’ “–Huggy Bear (i.e. snoop dogg) “What idiot said that?” -Hutch “I believe it was God–The greatest Mac […]

  • One more thing. . .

    For all the resident geeks. today I have used my airport card for the first time (at Van Java–buy coffee, spend money, they’re going under). It seems to make my computer a little slow and sluggish, but remember we are dealing with a tangerine dream that is older than both my children combined and that […]

  • Wait, there’s more. . .

    Ok, I’ve got a few things for you. 1) I heard the funniest thing today: So there was this guy (it’s good already, isn’t it) sitting on a bench (see previous post). And this guy was not moving. He was just sitting there, doing nothing, just sitting. Not even moving. So some people were on […]

  • It’s a headache that’s got you.

    So working has it’s ups and downs. For example, currently it is 4 in the morning. No, I am not working but I am awake. I have taken to falling asleep around 9:30 at night. Now, in theory that would be a good thing, except if either of the children wakes me up, say around […]

  • Uhh. . .

    Ok, guys, it’s been pretty busy around here. I’ve been working three days a week and Momming in my spare time. HA! Anyway, work is going well. It’s hard to do something different that I really don’t know much about. But. . . I saw the new Spiderman the other day. It’s a great movie. […]