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  • Getting into you

    Alright, kids. Here’s a little tidbit by way of full-disclosure. I’m a bather. Not just your run-of-the-mill (what does that mean anyway) bather who showers to get clean but a bath-taker, full with candles, music 3 or 4 books, the works. So, to wit, I have relatively high standards for bathtub cleanliness. Some of you […]

  • Blog for me, blog for you?

    So, wow, there’s a lot going on around here these days. Check out Noel’s blog . He’s got some interesting stuff about the nature of blogs and what we should be saying to each other. Now, when I started on this–Davin’s–blog I had the same questions. I started mainly because Davin was not posting enough […]

  • I couldn’t have said it better. . .

    And, in fact, didn’t. So as summer approaches the children start appearing, en masse. Last summer when I was writing and rewriting my thesis I had to fend them off with regular food offerings, like strawberries, watermelon and such. I’d have to put it on the porch at one end and sit with my computer […]

  • I’m hoooome!

    I’m back from my trip. It was “Surreal in its badness.” This note is left over from the final airport stint on Monday morning. That’s right. Monday morning. I was stuck in Philly Sunday night due to weather in Detroit. It was bad, but I have to admit there were people who had it worse. […]

  • So close, but yet. . .

    So, here I am on my trip. i’m in Cherry Hill, New Jersey for the Teaching Professor conference. The conference is up the street at the Hilton. I am at the Holiday Inn. Do I sound thrilled? ‘Cause I’m not. I am speaking to you now on a long distance call back to the servers […]

  • It’s like a tangerine dream!

    Well, brothers, I sit here before you a changed woman. My pleas have not gone unaswered. I am experiencing the “Panther.” For all of the non-geeks, that means that my clamshell Ibook, bugs and all, is apparently able to handle the educational version of Mac OS 10.3 (seriously pared down)! Friends, this means. . . […]

  • Is there anybody out there?

    so, ok, two things. When I teach again in the fall I think I want my classes to all keep blogs. Any suggestions for the best free service? I think the college has space for this sort of thing on Blackboard or oracle or something but I can’t be bothered trying to figure it out. […]

  • Why ask why?

    Just one more reason to give, brethren.

  • I scream, you scream, we all scream for. . .

    ITUNES!!! I’m really beginning to hate me computer. I have a tangerine Ibook from the eighties (ok, maybe it just feels like the eighties) and I can’t get ITunes. That is the worst problem with it. I’m no longer writing me thesis so I don’t really care about the millions of bugs in the office […]

  • “These are the people in your neighboorhood. . .”

    So I have a confession to make. Confession is good for the soul, right? I don’t like the kids in our neighborhood. Lila was out playing with these urchin earlier and the play is rough and the language is bad and in general they are just not “our kind of people.” Now don’t get me […]