The prodigals have returned

Heidi-ho, family. the girls and I are back from Indiana. We came back a couple of days early because we ran out of money (and Richmond, IA is not exactly a hip happening town). NO, really we ran out of money and Indiana appears to be the type of place where you need either money or lots of friends. It’s not exactly a wandering experience. Corn, you know.

Anyway, we went to the library and meijer and a toy store (where they gave us free toys because we don’t live in Indiana–go figure) a very ritzy mall (not that much fun–no fountain, no bookstore with trains and lots of snooty looking people with too tight pants) and Clare and Lila got to run around the house screaming; a treat that neither can do alone.

So we had fun. Sarah and Rich are well. I didn’t take the camera–some junk about Davin needing it for work–as if. Eva slept pretty well when she wasn’t laughing and pointing at her sister (please refer to previous posts on Eva and the spare bedroom). I drove back in the dead of night hoping the girls would sleep. And they did. Mostly. It takes nearly 5 hours if you go by way of Indianapolis (I think the race is there this weekend) but that is the only way to be on an actually highway and miss the Amish buggies. Who are the Amish allowed to marry?

Anyway, we’re back. Jaden Catcher Price is apparently very ill (poor kiddo, poor mommy), Noel is revamping his site (YEAH!!) and no one did the dishes.

Mommy’s home!

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  1. Okay, so in my defense on the dishes part, she came home earlier than planned! They would’ve been done, honest…no, really.

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