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  • LAMP or WIMP?

    I was walking on campus last week thinking about the acronym LAMP, which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, and realized that if it was on a Windows server running IIS, it would be WIMP.

  • Prognosticating on LAMP vs .NET, J2EE

    Dvorak wrote an article on PCMAG.com, “Windows Vista: Where’s the Buzz?,” in which he made some predictions on the future of web technology. It all started with his observation on the lack of excitement about Microsoft naming their coming OS as “Vista.” Linux/Apache will own the server space and with the emergence of MySQL and […]

  • Securing the Mac 10.4 laptop

    I talked with a guy from the MSU Computer Store this morning about getting Norton AntiVirus or Internet Security for the Mac laptop I’ve been using. His recommendation is to just get AntiVirus 10 for the Mac and change a few settings on the laptop. Here are his recommendations: Turn off Bluetooth, Discoverable, so that […]

  • The ‘puter is dead

    So, that computer problem I mentioned back on the 22nd…the computer is finished. I can’t even get an OS to install. Sometimes, it doesn’t even bring up the BIOS. I figure there is one component or another that is fried, thus messing up the whole system. It isn’t the hard drive. I don’t think it […]

  • Okay, now I’m pretty irate.

    I’m not sure what the problem with the Windows system is, but it seems pretty big. I can’t even boot up in Safe Mode. It freezes after listing a bunch of system files. I suspect the hard drive is corrupt. The problem is, there are files on that drive that I hadn’t yet made copies […]

  • MS Win XP buggin out again

    Well, my other computer is back in the corner spinning it’s little Microsoft Windows XP startup routine. It’s been trying to start up for about half an hour now. I got it to get past this little cycle, but then the monitor went to black and never came back. When I left it five hours […]

  • Eva’s mystique with the iBook

    The girls have this uncanny ability to undermine Chey’s iBook. A few months ago, Lila was “working” on Chey’s computer while I was reading a book. When she was done working, she had managed to move the Library directory from /Users/cheygranroth/ to /Users/cheygranroth/Documents. The tricky part was neither Chey nor I realized what had happened […]

  • Oh, and how about major merger?

    In case you hadn’t heard already, Macromedia is being bought by Adobe. This is a huge deal, especially for the web industry. (Read about it at CNET.com) Me, I’m not pleased to hear it. I sort of like having them compete for market share. Keeps prices down. Increases innovation. What I hear is that Adobe […]

  • Look! It’s Chassell.

    Yes, that’s right folks, this is a map of downtown Chassell, where I grew up. Okay, I didn’t actually grow up in Chassell, my parents’ house is outside of Chassell, on Paradise Road. Anyway, for those who’ve wondered how big the town is (anyone?), here’s a street map of the place. Check out Google Maps. […]

  • Trackpad button fix on clamshell iBook

    A couple months ago I installed new hard drive in Chey’s laptop, a tangerine iBook of the clamshell variety. In the process I managed (why does this sound like a confession to me?) to fracture the ribbon between the trackpad and the mainboard, disabling the trackpad button. So, after trying to fix it and failing, […]