Securing the Mac 10.4 laptop

I talked with a guy from the MSU Computer Store this morning about getting Norton AntiVirus or Internet Security for the Mac laptop I’ve been using. His recommendation is to just get AntiVirus 10 for the Mac and change a few settings on the laptop.

Here are his recommendations:

  • Turn off Bluetooth, Discoverable, so that random Bluetooth enabled devices won’t see the laptop.
  • Turn on the systems’s Firewall in System Preferences
  • Install Norton AntiVirus and keep it updated

Just a note, I’ve been using Macs for years, and the last virus I had on a Mac was in 1995 and it was a Word Macro virus. Highly irritating, but it did very little damage.

That said, I’m sure the day will come when a virus will rip through the Mac world and play havoc with all of the unprotected Macs out there.

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