Eva’s mystique with the iBook

The girls have this uncanny ability to undermine Chey’s iBook.

A few months ago, Lila was “working” on Chey’s computer while I was reading a book. When she was done working, she had managed to move the Library directory from /Users/cheygranroth/ to /Users/cheygranroth/Documents. The tricky part was neither Chey nor I realized what had happened until later on, when Mail wouldn’t give her her messages and was acting like it was freshly installed. That, and her settings for the desktop seemed completely wrong.

Anyway, I’m typing this on her laptop in monochrome. Yes, that’s right. Eva managed to take all the color out of the display, with some arcane keyboard command combination. It’s like ^+option+command+* or something, but I haven’t been able to get the “toggle monochrome” to actually toggle.

That said, it’s kind of cool to work like this. Very retro, with a modern edge. OS X’s GUI doesn’t look all that bad in black and white. I tried to take a screen snap shot, we’ll see if it is really in monocrhome or if somehow the snapshot managed to hold color. I’ll post it at some point (Chey’s computer doesn’t have any decent image editing program that I can use to switch it out of PDF format).

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  1. Sounds like you should set a seperate user name for the girls and put configure the user and restrict them to simple finder or at least only slelect folders.

    Unless of course you enjoy this.

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