MS Win XP buggin out again

Well, my other computer is back in the corner spinning it’s little Microsoft Windows XP startup routine. It’s been trying to start up for about half an hour now. I got it to get past this little cycle, but then the monitor went to black and never came back.

When I left it five hours ago, it was fine. I just came down and it the screen was black. I thought it was just snoozing, but it didn’t respond. Eventually I forced a restart and I realize now it is fritzed.

It was bound to happen. It could be at a worse time, like when I was actually in the middle of using it….Trying to look on the bright side.

Of course, my Mac is still working fine. Slow, but it was built back in 1999, so I give it some slack. At times like this, I’m really glad to be a Mac user.

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