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  • XML/RSS is awesome

    I just downloaded and installed NetNews Wire Lite. It is super-easy and fast. And it’s free. You add RSS feeds that want to receive updates from, and it let’s you scan news items very quickly. What a great example of XML in action! (RSS docs are specific kinds of XML docs) On that, I’m seriously…

  • Sir Inventor of the Web

    Tim Berners-Lee is now Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Congrats, Sir Tim.

  • Say goodbye, Netscape.

    Here’s the intro blurb from an MSNBC article: Is this the end of Netscape?By David Becker May 29

  • Broadband over your electrical wiring

    CNN Technology article on broadband via electrical wiring. I’ve been watching this technology for a couple years. It’s good to see they are actually running trials in some cities.