The ‘puter is dead

Another Windows computer bites the dust
So, that computer problem I mentioned back on the 22nd…the computer is finished.

I can’t even get an OS to install. Sometimes, it doesn’t even bring up the BIOS.

I figure there is one component or another that is fried, thus messing up the whole system. It isn’t the hard drive. I don’t think it is the RAM. It might be the power supply. It might be the CD-ROM drive. It might be the system board. I do not know. I do not care.

My Mac works, so it isn’t all that urgent.

By Davin Granroth

Davin is Chief Operating Officer for Covenant Eyes, Inc. in Owosso, MI, USA, where he gets to mix his background in user experience design, research, and strategy with the operation of a software company. For more, see his LinkedIn profile.

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