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  • Gonna have to register

    Okay. After just getting slammed by a dozen blog spam comments on Cialis and online casinos, I turned on TypeKey authentication for this blog. To comment, you’ll need to create a typekey account. You’ll only have to do this once, and probably you won’t actually have to sign in that often. Warning: To those who…

  • Comment problems

    FYI, I updated this blog software to the most recent version of Movable Type, and the comment features aren’t working right. No matter what I set the preferences to, every comment submitted is help for approval — which I don’t really want. I’d prefer that the comments just went up and if there is something…

  • So, the colors here

    Chey looked at this site yesterday evening and said to me, “So, why don’t you ask me when you redesign this page? I don’t like these colors.” I found it sort of funny. I pictured myself sneaking upstairs at midnight, my wife sleeping soundly in bed. How peaceful. Then, I would put my hand gently…

  • Hm, a bug.

    So, the background color isn’t showing in the Flash movie at the top. Any ideas? It wouldn’t have to do with the fact that it is not one of the sacrosanct web-safe colors, I would hope. Not sure. Using #eef. Eventually the fading photo thing will be working on each photo section. In time.

  • Site tweak | Lila’s prayers

    So, I felt like tweaking the visuals here. I’ve been meaning to since

  • help design this page – calendar, y or n?

    As I’m slowly working through this new web page, I’m looking at each piece of the page. Right now I’m looking at the calendar. It’s kinda cool as it gives a visual representation of what days have entries. On the other hand, the Recent Entries right below it seem more informative to me. My rule…

  • Ah hah! I’m now using MT!

    Started installing Moveable Type at 10:30 this evening. It is now just before midnight and I have installed and imported all the old Blogger posts as well. So far, Moveable Type rocks! And, it spits out XHTML! I’m very happy.

  • going to move this site soon

    I’m not a huge fan of blogger at this point. I’m going to transition this site over to a new url and a new blog tool. I’ll look for one that will produce valid xhtml and gives a few more options.

  • Redesigned

    So, with the ditching of the frames came a bit of a prettying up for this page. Note the background image in the lower-left. Those are actually some photoshopped leaves from our plant, George.

  • Ditched the frames.

    Yeah, I just couldn’t take the hypocrisy anymore. Frames are gone.