So, the colors here

Chey looked at this site yesterday evening and said to me, “So, why don’t you ask me when you redesign this page? I don’t like these colors.”

I found it sort of funny. I pictured myself sneaking upstairs at midnight, my wife sleeping soundly in bed. How peaceful.

Then, I would put my hand gently on her shoulder, give it a little squeeze and say, “Wake up honey, I’m redesigning the blog. Do you like these colors?” As I hold up her laptop, the light from the display shining on her incredulous, very tired face.

Hm. Somehow, that just doesn’t seem like a good idea.

So, anyway, what do you think of these colors? Hate them? Love them? Couldn’t care less about the colors, you’re just here to read and see pictures? Feel free to extrapolate.

3 responses to “So, the colors here”

  1. I don’t care about the colors, I just like to read the friendly(?) banter between husband and wife. 😉

  2. Sorry, but I’m with Chey. It just seems a bit too abrasive compared to the last color scheme. But I am a girl and maybe I am just biased toward girly colors. Add more pictures and I’ll overlook the whole thing.

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