Hm, a bug.

So, the background color isn’t showing in the Flash movie at the top. Any ideas? It wouldn’t have to do with the fact that it is not one of the sacrosanct web-safe colors, I would hope. Not sure. Using #eef.

Eventually the fading photo thing will be working on each photo section. In time.

3 responses to “Hm, a bug.”

  1. sometimes i am having trouble with ‘partial’ hex colors. it seems to fix if i use the full color (should include 6 ‘digits’).

  2. Thanks Jimi, actually, the background that isn’t showing up is in the Flash file itself, and it is coded in full hexidecimal there. (#eeeeff). Curiously, the standalone Flash Player shows the background color, but it appears the browser plug-in isn’t showing it. It’s exported as Flash Player 6.

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