Ah hah! I’m now using MT!

Started installing Moveable Type at 10:30 this evening. It is now just before midnight and I have installed and imported all the old Blogger posts as well. So far, Moveable Type rocks! And, it spits out XHTML!

I’m very happy.

4 responses to “Ah hah! I’m now using MT!”

  1. Okay, just testing the comment feature in MT.

    By the way, I noticed the xhtml being kicked out uses the name attribute. That’s not sooo great, as I think the name attribute has been deprecated in favor of the id attribute.

    Oh well, maybe some tinkering can fix that. And, I’m up to looking at the MT templates in the next day or so.

  2. I’m looking at the page on WinXP IE6-something right now, and the horizontal scroll bar some room to move. That stinks.

    Anyone see why? This might just be something that will disappear when I start on the templates and css.

  3. Now all I need is a nerd to volunteer to upgrade my site….

    SO SAD that I don’t know any nerds.

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