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  • How WordPress falters as a CMS: Multiple content fields

    WordPress is amazing and keeps getting better, but I want to be clear about an inherent limitation that WordPress has as a content management system (CMS). That limitation is that WordPress doesn’t handle multiple content regions on web pages. Too strong? With WordPress, you can try to use custom fields or innovative hacks like Bill…

  • Switching to WordPress

    In 2003, I started this blog on the then young Blogger.com service, linked in with my web space at MSU. Shortly thereafter I switched to MovableType and stayed with MT for a few versions. In a recent MT upgrade, I wasn’t pleased with the process. So, I’ve just switched to WordPress, which I had used…

  • Authenticate, commenters!

    I upgraded to MovableType 3.32 recently, and just turned on TypeKey authentication, so as to avoid comment spam. This means that you will need to have a TypeKey profile in order to comment here. Sorry for the hassle! It is pretty easy to get a free TypeKey profile, so just do it 😉 This will…

  • [nav links above do not lay out properly in some browsers]

    I’m trying a slightly different layout with the nav links above, and they don’t lay out as I want in some browsers. They are fine in Firefox on the Mac, but not in IE or Safari on the Mac. I’m guessing there are some issues on Windows, but I don’t have the time to deal…

  • Comments work.

    I turned off the TypeKey features. They were causing some problems. We’ll see how this goes—my goal is to avoid blog-spammers while allowing comments.

  • Comment troubles

    In case you’re wondering, I realize this blog is having issues with TypeKey–so nobody can comment for now. I’ll get to it.

  • Rewrote the main page code and css of this blog

    Just a note, this evening I rewrote the markup and css for this blog. I basically just deleted both and started over. This page is now more lean and the css is much less bulky. I also ditched the monthly archive link list and the calendar. Instead, there is now a longer list of recent…

  • color shift

    Bear with me. I’m uploading a half-finished stylesheet. Gotta run and something else for a bit. Should be mostly readable, but gonna be some contrast issues until I get back to this.

  • redesign coming soon

    Chey hates the look of this site. So, we shall declare a do-over. Soon.

  • Why your movable type blog must die.

    So Noel has this interesting link to a rant about how movable type sucks and bloggers, that is, people who blog, suck, etc. Now not being a technocrat I don’t understand much of the ranting but I find it really amusing that people can get that bent out of shape about someone else’s personal journal.…