Comment problems

FYI, I updated this blog software to the most recent version of Movable Type, and the comment features aren’t working right. No matter what I set the preferences to, every comment submitted is help for approval — which I don’t really want. I’d prefer that the comments just went up and if there is something (like spam) that I want to axe, then I’d prefer to do that after the fact.

Hopefully Six Apart, the company that provides Movable Type, is on this problem and we’ll see this fixed promptly.

Until then, continue to comment away, but you won’t see your comments right away. It’ll be until Chey or I can manually approve them.

4 responses to “Comment problems”

  1. Comments can now be made without pre-approval.

    It was conflict between MT3 and MT-Blacklist. I removed MT-Blacklist for the time being, and it seems to have fixed the problem. I understand the MT-Blacklist crew is working on a version that works with MT3.

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