Dates related to our marriage

February 11, 1998
I had dinner with Dan and Hilda Davis (Dan is Chey’s father) to ask for Chey’s hand in marriage. They responded, “No.” Nervous silence ensued. Then Hilda finally added, “Take all of her, not just her hand!” Very funny. After dinner I decided that it was the day to propose. After realizing that all the flower shops were closed, I called my friend Adam Richardson. He drove me to Meijer to look for flowers. I know little about flowers and knew even less then, so I picked something colorful and petally from the meager selection (It turned out to be a carnation. How embarrassing.) Flower in hand, I walked in on Chey. She was in a bathrobe, soaking her feet. So, I did it. Knelt, presented the ring, and proposed. She was aghast that I picked that time, what with her feet in a tub. I wasn’t sure if she’d say “Yes,” and my heart jumped when she did.

May 8, 1998
Friday of final exam week, we were married. A few hours before the wedding, a house mate of mine ran my last final exam, a final essay for a class, into the English department in Morrill Hall. We were yoked with a pearled wreath.

December 9, 2005
I was kicked out of our house for the last time. I hoped it was temporary and that we would work towards reconciliation.

January 6, 2006
Chey called me at work and demanded to be divorced.

Last week of January, 2006
Chey filed for divorce.

Today, February 14, 2007
We appeared in court months ago, and I’ve seen some drafts of the divorce terms. It has been over a year since the filing, and we’re still in process.

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