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  • Photos from Canyon Falls near Baraga, MI

    On our drive to my parents’ house in the Keewenaw, we stopped at Canyon Falls and hiked into the woods for a little sight-seeing. Enjoy the photos!

  • Visit to Camp Perry 2010

    On Saturday I made it down to the National Pistol Championships at Camp Perry, OH to visit my dad (Ron Granroth), old shooting buddy Bob Gardner, and the Springfield Armory/Ottowa Sportsmen’s Club Junior Pistol team. Congratulations to the junior team on winning the .22 caliber Junior championship! (These junior shooters went through the Ottowa Sportsmen’s […]

  • The “Pause.” Cup Escapades, June 2010

    I have a coffee cup at work. It resembles a jumbo marshmallow with a handle and “Pause.” printed on the side. There’s a small story behind the cup itself, but today I write for another reason. It was abducted, and I received a series of sinister photos. Due to a back problem, I had to […]

  • Another pistol tournament, Flushing

    Today I shot an 824-19X out of 900 at the match at the Flushing Rifle & Pistol Club. I definitely shot better than my last match, a 785 shot at Grand Rapids. I’m still getting these crazy fliers that really sink the scores. Most of my fliers were high and right, although a few were […]

  • Getting back into competitive pistol shooting

    Finally, I competed in a real pistol match. Throughout the 1990s I competed regularly, but in about the last ten years I’ve competed in only one sanctioned bullseye pistol tournament. That was about three years ago. Sure, I’ve shot in some pistol leagues here and there, but it’s not quite the same. This one was […]

  • Argh! I’m pen-less!

    Pen-less. It’s 9:30 in the evening, and I need to write out some thoughts (about a split-complementary color set). At work last Friday, the pen that I’ve had with me for some months now finally gave up its last ink. It was a Pilot Precise V5, black. My habit has been to have that pen […]

  • The Thanksgiving Duck

    As mentioned last post, I tried a duck for Thanksgiving. Lila summed it up with “It’s okay Dad, but it’s not appealing.” I could not fit the bird into the crock pot, so my Plan A was foiled. Instead I roasted it in the oven. I applied poultry seasoning and tucked onion and apple chunks […]

  • A recipe for disaster?

    Against the advice of Adam, I am going to attempt to cook a small turkey in my crock pot for Thanksgiving. It’s just me, Lila, and Eva, so we don’t need a big bird. If I can’t get it to fit in the crock pot I reserve the right to abort to Plan B, which […]

  • Pistol match, Oct 20, 2009: the good and the bad

    Last night after work I drove up to Bay City to Duncan’s Outdoors Shop to compete in a pistol league match. It’s the second one I’ve made it to, and shot some of my best…and worst scores. National Match Course 1 Total SF TF RF 95 91-2X 93-1X 279-3X National Match Course 2 Total SF […]

  • How to aim with iron or open sights

    How to aim with iron or open sights

    A guy in his 50s a few benches to my right was thumbing .40 cal cartridges into a pistol magazine. He had arrived when I was about to box up my gear and head home. But, I had seven rounds of .22 leftover, so instead of letting them roll around in my gun box, I […]