A recipe for disaster?

Against the advice of Adam, I am going to attempt to cook a small turkey in my crock pot for Thanksgiving.

It’s just me, Lila, and Eva, so we don’t need a big bird.

If I can’t get it to fit in the crock pot I reserve the right to abort to Plan B, which is to put the bird in the regular old oven. But that isn’t as interesting.

On a side note, I’ll bet the frozen chickens feel like rejects this time of year. Poor little birds.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Update, 10:47 PM

The smallest turkey at the store was 10 pounds! That’s four more pounds than I dare to try to fit into the crock pot. So, while I nearly decided to find the biggest crock pot ever, I decided instead to get a 5 pound duck.

Oh yes, the game’s afoot now. Plus, the bill was less that than of a 10 pound turkey. 😉

One response to “A recipe for disaster?”

  1. “the game is afoot”, that’d be a webbed foot. I guess a turducken is out of the question then. You could express your creativity with the oven baking technique, or grill it in a grill bag. Some swear by the upright stand, all the fat drains out and friends tell me it produced delicious results.

    My only chance for expression is in carving the turkey my mom is preparing.I tend to be pretty navy cardigan sweater conservative.

    Happy Thanksgiving. I hope Lila and Eva enjoy your magnum opus.

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