The “Pause.” Cup Escapades, June 2010

The "Pause." cup in front of a Vader figurine.
The cup and Vader, courtesy of Alaina and Lisa.

I have a coffee cup at work. It resembles a jumbo marshmallow with a handle and “Pause.” printed on the side. There’s a small story behind the cup itself, but today I write for another reason. It was abducted, and I received a series of sinister photos.

Due to a back problem, I had to leave work for a few days. It was during this absence that two of my co-workers showed their true colors. Dark, dark evil.

Read their confessions and view the evidence for yourself.

6 responses to “The “Pause.” Cup Escapades, June 2010”

  1. Hey! Your coffee cup was a whole lot cleaner when you got back than it had been when you left (albeit because we feared for its sanitariness).

  2. So you’re saying that we appear benign on the surface and are dark, dark evil underneath? That would call into question how we can be ‘dark, dark’ evil if we are indeed beige, since beige doesn’t do ‘dark, dark’ very well.

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