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  • Law to require legislators to read bills before voting

    When we the people elect members of Congress to represent us, shouldn’t we expect that our representatives read the text of a law before they decide how they should vote on it? Anything less is willful ignorance and a disservice to our country.

  • Vacation, end of the day swimming in Portage Lake

  • Vacation, camp fire

  • Being competitive

    The key to being competitive is to compete. Last weekend I shot in the National Pistol Matches, specifically the President’s 100 and the National Trophy Individual match. Wow, was I ever not competitive! My final scores were very nearly middle of the pack, out of the approximately 475 competitors. While I would have liked to […]

  • In pursuit of paper

    I pay attention to paper that I use for printing. Trivial? Maybe, yet I do care. I care about the paper weight, brightness, dimensions, finish, and sometimes even what the paper fibers feel like. There seems to be a variety of fibers in paper, and, my, isn’t that interesting? Yet, although I care about these […]

  • Will St Charles MI flood in Spring 2014?

    I’ve lived in St Charles, MI since 2008. It’s a nice little town, I think. One of the features is the confluence of the North and South branches of the Bad River, pretty much right in the middle of town. So, it has been a pretty cold winter with what seems like a higher than […]

  • Five Whys, Socratic Method, and Dependent Arising

    Root cause analysis—jargon for managers in lean startups and Agile dev shops. In plain language, isn’t it “Well, I hear what you’re saying, but what’s really going on?” I feel a rambling, messy first draft coming on. Why in the world do we need jargon for such a common line of reasoning? This is every […]

  • 2nd try at the LCP Challenge

  • Assange, Snowden, and Stallman as, um, heros?

    (Photo of Richard Stallman and Julian Assange holding a propaganda photo of Edward Snowden) Bruce Sterling wrote up a long-winded editorial “The Ecuadorian Library” that covers a lot of ground and ends up posing Richard Stallman, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden as moral heroes against the State Department and NSA as antithetical to democracy. Here’s […]

  • This blog is 10 years old

    Hey, I just realized that I’ve been blogging for ten years now. That’s some kind of milestone. From hand-crafted to Blogger to MovableType to WordPress Back when I started in 2003, it was really a learning experiment on my part. I was a consultant at the time, and felt that I needed to get first […]