Blog for me, blog for you?

So, wow, there’s a lot going on around here these days. Check out Noel’s blog . He’s got some interesting stuff about the nature of blogs and what we should be saying to each other.

Now, when I started on this–Davin’s–blog I had the same questions. I started mainly because Davin was not posting enough for my liking and not nearly enough about my beautiful girls. So my main motivation was to share some of my daily life with whoever was out there to listen, because momming can be slightly isolating at times (we can argue about that one later).

But, the other day Dan said something about the proper use for Blogs. Now, as I was eavesdropping on that conversation (we can chastise me for that later, as well) I didn’t quite get what the proper use for blogs is, but I would like to know.

Here’s what I think I do know:

1) Blogs are public; utterly and completely public. Open to whomever, whenever and where ever. This makes them an interesting forum for proselytizeing (?) and for sounding (as in sounding board). Two seperate issues which deserve more discussion. What do we think about publicness?

2) Blogs are or have the potential to be a-nony-mouse. What do we think about that? Postings, etc.

3) Blogs can be all of you or none of you, work related or home, ultra-person driven or ultra-purpose driven.

And. . .

4) Some people read your blog and never post, so unless you are a computer nut like my husband (among others) it’s easy to have no idea how your thoughts are being received and thus, the motivation for blogging almost needs must become internal (contrary to my original plan) which makes it hard for extroverts like me to continue (HINT HINT).

So, tell me, Dan and others, what is the proper purpose for a blog? Do we give too much or not enough?

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  1. What does that have to do with your ability to place a comma in its proper place or put a period at the end of a sentence, hmmm?

    {Music: Everclear – Songs from an American Movie (vol 1); Mood: pensive} A friend of mine and i had a really long IM conversation a couple of weeks ago that ranged all over, primarily focused on what postmodernism is and…

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