I scream, you scream, we all scream for. . .


I’m really beginning to hate me computer. I have a tangerine Ibook from the eighties (ok, maybe it just feels like the eighties) and I can’t get ITunes. That is the worst problem with it.

I’m no longer writing me thesis so I don’t really care about the millions of bugs in the office suite.
I’ve never been into graphics or publishing so the fact that Adobe often causes smoke and excessive hard drive whirring doesn’t bother me.
I don’t care much about design or graphics so getting the digital camera to work EVERY time is like icing, and who needs that much sugar?
But, I love music. And I want ITUNES!

Now there is a theory that this system could run 10.3 (Mac’s Panther operating system which includes Itunes and some other junk) but am I willing to risk a major meltdown. . . Just when I would get used to have the music at my fingertips (to the detriment of my children and my VISA) the whole thing would crash. And probably burn. I’m not a fatalist. This is reality.

Friends, dear friends, did you ever hear of that woman who worked her way into 20-odd thousand dollars of credit card debt and built a website asking for money?
People sent her money?! To finance her Chanel habit. But, friends, this is a far more worthy cause.

Is it right that a stay-at-home mother should live without ITunes (and all that other junk, too)? Is it right that a college professor should have a computer older than her students? Is it right that a family that works so hard at working so hard should have to suffer the indignity of sharing a desktop (or two, but the PC doesn’t actually count), a single, overworked, never-shut off, noisy G3? The only way to get to the magic land of music?

No, my brothers. It is not right. And it is not good.

We accept check, money order, paypal and livestock. Exact change, please.

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