I couldn’t have said it better. . .

And, in fact, didn’t.

So as summer approaches the children start appearing, en masse. Last summer when I was writing and rewriting my thesis I had to fend them off with regular food offerings, like strawberries, watermelon and such. I’d have to put it on the porch at one end and sit with my computer at the other. Now this did not in any way stem the tide of questions and “hey, look at me,” etc., but it did serve to keep the wildlife in view. And that was important (remember, Lila was only 2).

Well, my friend, Cheryl, always said that the kids come around because “you are around” and not just for our bubbles or our sandbox. I took that notion, joylessly, but having read this I am both chagrined and encouraged.

Maybe this summer we’ll have fruit smoothies and ice cream.

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