. . .And they’re off!

So the girls and I spent 6 hours on campus today. We went to the children’s garden, the butterfly house, toured the horticulture gardens outside, walked up to Kresge which is closed until september, went to the fountain at Nat Sci, went to the bank on Grand River, went to the Parlour (which may turn out to be the new site for Eva’s birthday), played with the trains at Barnes and Noble, walked by the donging bells at Beaumont (Lila really dug that), went by the river and fed the ducks crushed up animal crackers (is that cannibalism), walked over the river and through the woods to the Dairy store for ice cream (they have cotton candy ice cream with pop rocks in it, weird), then walked back to the hort gardens, saw 3 wedding parties in the span of 5 minutes and got in the van.

We made 15 stops at bathrooms along the way and forgot the camera at home.


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