a bittersweet end.

The Folk festival was a blast. I forgot the camera. Don’t be upset. I remembered the children.

We went Sat and Sun and I think the music has been better in other years. But it is so much fun to be outside with lots of people and to be able to let the kids run and play. The folk festival is like the unofficial end to the summer festival season. so. . .

Classes start this thursday. I’ll be working monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. I think that’s all week. I’ve lost track. I still need a sitter for thursday afternoons. Think about it. can’t pay ya, but the kids are GRRRRREAAT!

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  1. You can drop them off at Dread Pirate Melinda’s house (I wish that had some sort of ring to it, cuz I really look great in this eye patch). We’ll eat fish from the sea and teach my parrot how to swear! Only thing is I can’t drive so Lila will have to take us to the ocean. She has her learner’s permit now, eh?

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