Once a Thief. . .

Ok i have stolen this picture. But it is a photo of two of my favorite people in the whole world and I think they look CUTE!

Nicole and Cole at Myrtle Beach
Nicole and Cole at Myrtle Beach

That is Cole Hekki (he’s the little one) and Cole Provencal (She’s slightly larger). My two favorite Coles.

I stole that picture from Noel. I’m impressed that I actually knew how to do that! Yeah for Chey.

Anyway, Eva’s birthday (and Cole the lesser) is next Sat and I think we will take all the seats out of the van and have cupcakes in the back. on a tarp. Of course. Can’t get the van messy.

One other funny thing. someday long ago I wrote a post with an ironic title; or so I thought.

Apparently, this particular post and title are drawing search engine hits as a result of the title not the topic. (it’s World Wide Wrestling vs. Anne Lamott. . .Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!!)

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