One more thing. . .

For all the resident geeks. today I have used my airport card for the first time (at Van Java–buy coffee, spend money, they’re going under). It seems to make my computer a little slow and sluggish, but remember we are dealing with a tangerine dream that is older than both my children combined and that is trying to run the Panther (wrrooow!)

So it may be that the computer is just slow or it maybe the card is slowing it down or it could be the itunes, safari, icalendar, os9, word, address book and ichat all open together. Who knows?;)

anyway, so here is my question, what are the security issues with wireless? I’ve been back and forth to some of my password protected sites (like this one, webmail, etc.) and have logged in and out to save computer brainpower (which I’m sure there is a technical term for) by not leaving 1700 windows open. Is this a good ideas? Are my passwords and stuff just floating aimlessly through the air for all an sundry to see? What is a better solution? How does it all work? Guesses?

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