Is there anybody out there?

so, ok, two things.

When I teach again in the fall I think I want my classes to all keep blogs. Any suggestions for the best free service? I think the college has space for this sort of thing on Blackboard or oracle or something but I can’t be bothered trying to figure it out.

Lazy, I know.

Next, I’ve just been surfing around many, many blogs and I have to say “Wow, there is a lot going on in people’s lives.”

Good or bad, I don’t know. But I do know that there is a dearth of blogs written by mommies or even grown-up girls, for that matter.

Why is that? Am I less busy that the rest of the momming community? Or should I really be scrubbing my kitchen floor by hand? Sloping chickens, digging trenches?

What is going on?

Am I alone in the world?


Why ask why?

Just one more reason to give, brethren.


I scream, you scream, we all scream for. . .


I’m really beginning to hate me computer. I have a tangerine Ibook from the eighties (ok, maybe it just feels like the eighties) and I can’t get ITunes. That is the worst problem with it.

I’m no longer writing me thesis so I don’t really care about the millions of bugs in the office suite.
I’ve never been into graphics or publishing so the fact that Adobe often causes smoke and excessive hard drive whirring doesn’t bother me.
I don’t care much about design or graphics so getting the digital camera to work EVERY time is like icing, and who needs that much sugar?
But, I love music. And I want ITUNES!

Now there is a theory that this system could run 10.3 (Mac’s Panther operating system which includes Itunes and some other junk) but am I willing to risk a major meltdown. . . Just when I would get used to have the music at my fingertips (to the detriment of my children and my VISA) the whole thing would crash. And probably burn. I’m not a fatalist. This is reality.

Friends, dear friends, did you ever hear of that woman who worked her way into 20-odd thousand dollars of credit card debt and built a website asking for money?
People sent her money?! To finance her Chanel habit. But, friends, this is a far more worthy cause.

Is it right that a stay-at-home mother should live without ITunes (and all that other junk, too)? Is it right that a college professor should have a computer older than her students? Is it right that a family that works so hard at working so hard should have to suffer the indignity of sharing a desktop (or two, but the PC doesn’t actually count), a single, overworked, never-shut off, noisy G3? The only way to get to the magic land of music?

No, my brothers. It is not right. And it is not good.

We accept check, money order, paypal and livestock. Exact change, please.


“These are the people in your neighboorhood. . .”

So I have a confession to make.

Confession is good for the soul, right?

I don’t like the kids in our neighborhood. Lila was out playing with these urchin earlier and the play is rough and the language is bad and in general they are just not “our kind of people.”

Now don’t get me wrong. I am fully and painfully aware of the irony of the situation. 40 years ago people would’ve been moving out of the neighborhood at the very intimation of “coloureds” living next door. The problem with me not loving these children is much deeper, man.

I want to beat them up. But Lila wants to play with them. Out of the mouths of babes, right.

Anyway, I think I’ll go buy some watermelon (wink wink) and some Kool- Aid, bite my tongue and bribe them into being gentle with my child and her stuff.



Googlism for: chey
chey is a response regulator
chey is a regulatory protein involved in chemotaxis excitation
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chey is my little princess so there you have it
chey is long gone playing with other things


“You know you’re a geek when. . .”

So our daughter, Eva, is going to be 9 months old on Friday and she still sleeps in the spare bedroom on a futon. Has a crib and I have put her in it twice.

The first time she screamed for a good long while and big sister was sitting up in her bed holding her ears when I finally gave up and went in. The second time (some weeks later) she turned herself sideways and spent the better part of a half-hour kicking the moveable side of the crib; a sound that reverbates through the entire neighborhood and jars the collective soul. Three-year-olds may be trying but they don’t deserve that.

So she sleeps in the sparebedroom on a futon. Well, you know you’re a geek when. . .your wee daughter has a mobile strung precariously along a 5-foot ethernet cable purchased for traveling. It was the first thing to hand and I couldn’t rig it any other way. Cribs have sides to hold mobiles and nurserys have pretty kidlet stuff to keep babies entertained.

The spare bedroom has spare parts. Ethernet cables, etc.


“Back in the saddle, again. . .”

So, I haven’t written in a while. Don’t take it personally. I care about you, my web audience, I do. It’s just that chasing children takes a lot out of a girl. So here is the update. I’ve decided to do a PhD. and then I decided not to. But I am gonna write a book. And no, it is not a book of “Chey-isms” like, “Are you still talkin’? Why?” But instead a scholarly tome about my work. Basic writing and the implications of demographic groupings. Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it?

The children are fine. Eva has 2 teeth and yes, we are still nursing (you can see why I might have been somewhat reticent these last weeks). Lila’s school is letting out for summer in the next two weeks and I am. . .reticent. . .about that, too. Davin will have to tell you about his work.

And, it’s cold again. yee haw.


Yeah, Baby!

For those of you who don’t think Momming is hard enough, here are some excerpts of last semesters evaluations. Look closely. There are mixed messages here.

“Do you have any comments about the instructor?”

“She was very attentive and expressed concern about students. Helpfull in many ways. Took time with every student and discussed problems with work, like, or dismay with writing”

“She was swell.”

“NO” (Uhh. . . .)

“She was great! She accually made writing fun, which is hard to believe. She really knew what she was talking about and made the class fun to be here. I liked that if you needed help with any thing, that she would sit you down personally and help you.” (Boo-Yah, baby!)

“The instructor instructed the class quite well. She made everything very easy to understand and she also laid out a good foundation for furture writing courses”

“In my opinion the instructor did very good. She explained everything clearly and helped us understand the importance of an essay. . .” (just more specifics about which assignments she liked) “I was happy with my instructor.”

Please, don’t feel as though you have misjudged me in every way. How were you to know that I am so great? I didn’t even know. HA!

Fifty cents if you can find all the errors. The quotes are just that, quotes, verbatim.


This is Hilarious!

Big Brother at his finest.

Thanks, Scotty.


“All we like sheep. . . .”

“It’s a perilous thing, to be leaderless and obedient at once.” This is a quote from The Book of Sorrows by Walter Wangerin, JR. In it he refers to sheep. Wangerin writes allegory, so it would not be farfetched to take oneself as the sheep.

I feel like the sheep sometimes. Except, being the big “D” that I am, I often barrel ahead without instruction where other sheep might just stand still and freeze. But lately, I feel much more like Wangerin’s sheep.

“When there’s no command to obey, then ‘No’ becomes the only command, and a heartless one: No to instincts, no to boldness, no to newness . . . ; then no to survival, and no to life. Don’t move! How do you know your movement isn’t for the worse? Then stand still and hang your heads, Sheep, Sheep! And the harder the storm blows the meeker the Sheep.”

But, seasons change, right?