Author: Chey Davis

  • If that aint funny. . .

    check this cool thing out! YEAH!

  • I figured out IPhoto. Be proud.

    I want to show you something. I knitted this blanket for Eva. When I gave it to her I tossed it over her head. Apparently, my stitches were large enough that she could see through them. She walked around the house with that blanket over her head for a long time. And never bumped into […]

  • Oh, the places you’ll go!

    SOOOO. . .Katie said to me today: “You are so obsessed. It’s cute.” I’m not sure how to take that, but, of course, we were at the yarn shop. I finished Mary Defrees little hat. It is designed by Chey and CUTE CUTE CUTE! YUP! and I made it. All by myself. Aren’t you proud? […]

  • update.

    all right. the hiatus is over. the kids are fine. Lila is 4 now. she had 4 separate birthday parties. i wish I was 4. Eva is well and now says: “bye, more, mama, dada, lila, all done, hi, and uh-oh.” Cute little monkey. I’ve started a poncho knit in the round, top-down for Lila. […]

  • Hold on to what we’ve got. . . .

    All right. It’s been a long ans quiet month here on the blog. I am afraid that the quiet may continue. But don’t give up, web audience. There is still hope for life, the universe, everything. But for now there is only knitting. I mean, quiet. All right, you’ve caught me. But if you don’t […]

  • humph!

    I know there is nothing so disappointing as an unupdated blog. You go back again and again, hoping for new news or at least a picture and time and again there is nothing. Nothing at all. It’s sad really.

  • Wino wisdom

    So, forgive the crudeness of this post, but I happened onto this site (bloghopping again) and I found it very amusing. And scary all at the same time. Here is a taste:

  • I’m done. I’m an official knitter.

    HEY! I finished my scarves! some of you may have seen them at church today but let me tell you they are lovely. Now I have naked needles again. Yuk. I’m sure I’ll get something on them soon.

  • Let’s generate some good Karma!

    So, not much new around here, but I do have an interesting quote for you. Grace Heikkinen: “Don’t you ever feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to eat all the food you want to eat?” Me: “That is hilarious.” So, I don’t feel like that. I really don’t. That is […]

  • The truth, the whole truth. . .

    And nothing but the truth. So, my friend Sharon says I should come out of the closet. And Confess. It’s hard when you are faced with full disclosure and is a blog really the forum for such transparency? All right. I give. Just be gentle with me. I’m coming out of the closet. In my […]