If that aint funny. . .

check this cool thing out!



I figured out IPhoto. Be proud.

I want to show you something.
Eva walking under a knit blanket

I knitted this blanket for Eva. When I gave it to her I tossed it over her head. Apparently, my stitches were large enough that she could see through them. She walked around the house with that blanket over her head for a long time. And never bumped into anything. Amazing.

Look at this.
Matching jammies
Cute, huh? Got these jammies at Aldi for $10. I even washed them and they are still in one piece. . . or two pieces as the case may be.

One more thing. . .
Davin and Lila sleeping
This is funny. They both snore, too.

Oh, and guess what? Sharon bought a new G5 this week. We’re going over to visit the new baby on Sunday.


Oh, the places you’ll go!

SOOOO. . .Katie said to me today: “You are so obsessed. It’s cute.”

I’m not sure how to take that, but, of course, we were at the yarn shop. I finished Mary Defrees little hat. It is designed by Chey and CUTE CUTE CUTE! YUP! and I made it. All by myself. Aren’t you proud? And no, I am not making anything for you. yet. Too busy. Really. LOOK!
Knitted baby hat on bumblebee
Doing a scarf swap with a woman from out west, ( I think) and she sent this stinking amazing handpainted yarn. It must’ve cost a pretty penny, and I think there is no blasted way I’d let a yahoo like me touch the stuff, let alone knit it to my heart’s content. YIKES! no pressure. really.
Scarf swap thread
Ah well, gotta grow. Any suggestions for the scarf?

As well, Sharon needs some help being converted. MAC users unite. Help me bring our sister out of the dark.



all right. the hiatus is over.

the kids are fine. Lila is 4 now. she had 4 separate birthday parties.

i wish I was 4.

Eva is well and now says: “bye, more, mama, dada, lila, all done, hi, and uh-oh.” Cute little monkey.

I’ve started a poncho knit in the round, top-down for Lila. All other projects must wait.

School will be out soon. the 3rd annual Granroth family christmas party is canceled. So if you weren’t invited, no more fussin’.


Hold on to what we’ve got. . . .

All right. It’s been a long ans quiet month here on the blog. I am afraid that the quiet may continue. But don’t give up, web audience. There is still hope for life, the universe, everything. But for now there is only knitting.

I mean, quiet.

All right, you’ve caught me. But if you don’t leave me alone to knit how will I ever get your christmas present done? It’s ok to comment. It gets lonely here.



I know there is nothing so disappointing as an unupdated blog. You go back again and again, hoping for new news or at least a picture and time and again there is nothing. Nothing at all.

It’s sad really.


Wino wisdom

So, forgive the crudeness of this post, but I happened onto this site (bloghopping again) and I found it very amusing. And scary all at the same time. Here is a taste:


I’m done. I’m an official knitter.

HEY! I finished my scarves! some of you may have seen them at church today but let me tell you they are lovely. Now I have naked needles again. Yuk. I’m sure I’ll get something on them soon.


Let’s generate some good Karma!

So, not much new around here, but I do have an interesting quote for you.

Grace Heikkinen: “Don’t you ever feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to eat all the food you want to eat?”

Me: “That is hilarious.”

So, I don’t feel like that. I really don’t. That is about the craziest thing I have ever heard made all the more amusing by the fact that Grace is easily half my size and has this love affair with food that is (in my life) unparalled. She’s a riot. Only a skinny person could say something like that with a straight face.

I have been knitting. I ” finished” Davin’s scarf last night. I don’t like the way it looks so I’m doing it again. No big deal. Seed stitch with cascade heathered maroon wool on 10.5 needles. Should be nice.

I want to start a “small group” of knitters/hand workers who do work for sick babies or parents of sick kids or poor kids or something. Some kind of save the world group that combines knitting or crochet or sewing (whatever the hand worker would prefer to do) and . . .saving the world. Any takers? I know that Sparrow hospital has specs for baby hats and booties (I have that already) and Shanna Brack at riverview is head of the compassion projects, so I am going to ask her if she has any good ideas of how to implement this project.

But since I don’t know how to make a bonnet yet this will have to wait. Just till next week (maybe this weekend). Shall we start there with the bonnets? We could also make hats for kids with cancer or soft blankets (like loveys) for kids at Ele’s place or something like that which would be pretty fast. What do you think?

Maybe we could get donations of single skeins from the yarn shops?


The truth, the whole truth. . .

And nothing but the truth. So, my friend Sharon says I should come out of the closet. And Confess.

It’s hard when you are faced with full disclosure and is a blog really the forum for such transparency?

All right. I give. Just be gentle with me.

I’m coming out of the closet. In my own clothes. The ones I will make. In the distant future.

I’ve been knitting.

That’s right. Just like your grandmother. and I stinking love it! I’ll post pictures of all four projects that are going right now and the 1st one that is already finished. Lila was the first recipient of a Chey Granroth original. Don’t say I neva did nothin’ for ya, kid.

Davin has a scarf coming. I have a scarf in the works for myself. Eva has a soft blanket on the needles and my sister Rachel’s son Logan, who was born in July and who I have yet to see also has a blanket in progress.

So just to add more oddity to my everyday life, I now sneak into back rooms while working. In order to knit. It’s like a drug.

I do have a favorite Yarn shop, Threadbear on Waverly between Michigan ave and St. Joe on the east side of the road, across from Falsetta’s. They have couches and dogs and coffee in the shop. You can sit and knit all day long. I told them that If they were to go wireless as well, I’d never have to go into the office again. One can only hope.