Author: Chey Davis

  • The Day of the Lord

    So, God’s a funny guy. Just this morning, I was thinking over my life, which is in a bit of a shambles now, and I thought, “You know, I haven’t read anything in the Bible recently that I would want to share with anyone (don’t ask me what I’ve read AT ALL, recently). Why am […]

  • “Everybody get together, try to love one another, right now”

    “If church is run as a business or corporation, it ceases to be a family. But if church truly is a family, we not only will support one another, we will confront one another. Otherwise, there is little accountability.” -Glenn Kaiser For those who don’t know, Glenn Kaiser is the main talker from the Rez […]

  • More good news!

    “Sometimes, particularly in older people, symptoms of shingles persist long after the rash is healed. In these cases, facial paralysis, headache, and persistent pain can be the aftermath. Possibly because the nerve cells conveying pain sensations are hardest hit, or are exquisitely sensitized by the virus attack, pain is the principal persistent complication of shingles. […]

  • She’s got the Mange!

    So, I have this rash (kindly refrain from taking that any further, it’s a teeny tiny spot), but we don’t have any insurance right now and not a lot of disposable income (certainly not disposable on dumb old doctors). Anyway, So I go on-line to see what dread disease I might have. The problem with […]

  • feeling a little Violated

    What’s with all the personal information required just to comment on somebody’s blog? Just surfing around checking out blogs within my six-degrees and had to sign over the children just to be able to comment. So I had one of my comments all written and it was a doozy, long, detailed, edifying, astute and GONE […]

  • The Coffee Thing

    For the last two years at Riverview, we’ve had a “Ladies Coffee Break” which entails a lot of hard work and ends up being so much fun. Each of the tables is decorated and fed by a hostess(or hostesses) who envision a theme and invite close friends, relatives and strangers to take a break and […]

  • I love it, I love it, I love it!

    So the concept of a weblog is interesting to me. Everything you write, everyone can see. Any comment anyone makes is visable to all. How can a person resist addiction to the “news” of other people’s lives and then the drama of still others’ reactions to that news? It provokes uncomfortable questions of what community […]

  • Look Ma, No Hands!

    Guess what. I am now authorized to submit poignant and useful information to this blog! Right now I am testing the ease of posting and the simple beauty of the medium (with Davin watching closely over my shoulder). I am taking an interest in the mind-boggling world of high-tech, high-stress, nerd-populated Web junk. I think […]