“All we like sheep. . . .”

“It’s a perilous thing, to be leaderless and obedient at once.” This is a quote from The Book of Sorrows by Walter Wangerin, JR. In it he refers to sheep. Wangerin writes allegory, so it would not be farfetched to take oneself as the sheep.

I feel like the sheep sometimes. Except, being the big “D” that I am, I often barrel ahead without instruction where other sheep might just stand still and freeze. But lately, I feel much more like Wangerin’s sheep.

“When there’s no command to obey, then ‘No’ becomes the only command, and a heartless one: No to instincts, no to boldness, no to newness . . . ; then no to survival, and no to life. Don’t move! How do you know your movement isn’t for the worse? Then stand still and hang your heads, Sheep, Sheep! And the harder the storm blows the meeker the Sheep.”

But, seasons change, right?

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