Yeah, Baby!

For those of you who don’t think Momming is hard enough, here are some excerpts of last semesters evaluations. Look closely. There are mixed messages here.

“Do you have any comments about the instructor?”

“She was very attentive and expressed concern about students. Helpfull in many ways. Took time with every student and discussed problems with work, like, or dismay with writing”

“She was swell.”

“NO” (Uhh. . . .)

“She was great! She accually made writing fun, which is hard to believe. She really knew what she was talking about and made the class fun to be here. I liked that if you needed help with any thing, that she would sit you down personally and help you.” (Boo-Yah, baby!)

“The instructor instructed the class quite well. She made everything very easy to understand and she also laid out a good foundation for furture writing courses”

“In my opinion the instructor did very good. She explained everything clearly and helped us understand the importance of an essay. . .” (just more specifics about which assignments she liked) “I was happy with my instructor.”

Please, don’t feel as though you have misjudged me in every way. How were you to know that I am so great? I didn’t even know. HA!

Fifty cents if you can find all the errors. The quotes are just that, quotes, verbatim.

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  1. I found 5 spelling errors at least 1 punctuation error (I sorta forgot to count those) and 4 grammar goofs. I want fifty cents. Please?

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