Oh, the places you’ll go!

SOOOO. . .Katie said to me today: “You are so obsessed. It’s cute.”

I’m not sure how to take that, but, of course, we were at the yarn shop. I finished Mary Defrees little hat. It is designed by Chey and CUTE CUTE CUTE! YUP! and I made it. All by myself. Aren’t you proud? And no, I am not making anything for you. yet. Too busy. Really. LOOK!
Knitted baby hat on bumblebee
Doing a scarf swap with a woman from out west, ( I think) and she sent this stinking amazing handpainted yarn. It must’ve cost a pretty penny, and I think there is no blasted way I’d let a yahoo like me touch the stuff, let alone knit it to my heart’s content. YIKES! no pressure. really.
Scarf swap thread
Ah well, gotta grow. Any suggestions for the scarf?

As well, Sharon needs some help being converted. MAC users unite. Help me bring our sister out of the dark.

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