I figured out IPhoto. Be proud.

I want to show you something.
Eva walking under a knit blanket

I knitted this blanket for Eva. When I gave it to her I tossed it over her head. Apparently, my stitches were large enough that she could see through them. She walked around the house with that blanket over her head for a long time. And never bumped into anything. Amazing.

Look at this.
Matching jammies
Cute, huh? Got these jammies at Aldi for $10. I even washed them and they are still in one piece. . . or two pieces as the case may be.

One more thing. . .
Davin and Lila sleeping
This is funny. They both snore, too.

Oh, and guess what? Sharon bought a new G5 this week. We’re going over to visit the new baby on Sunday.

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