The truth, the whole truth. . .

And nothing but the truth. So, my friend Sharon says I should come out of the closet. And Confess.

It’s hard when you are faced with full disclosure and is a blog really the forum for such transparency?

All right. I give. Just be gentle with me.

I’m coming out of the closet. In my own clothes. The ones I will make. In the distant future.

I’ve been knitting.

That’s right. Just like your grandmother. and I stinking love it! I’ll post pictures of all four projects that are going right now and the 1st one that is already finished. Lila was the first recipient of a Chey Granroth original. Don’t say I neva did nothin’ for ya, kid.

Davin has a scarf coming. I have a scarf in the works for myself. Eva has a soft blanket on the needles and my sister Rachel’s son Logan, who was born in July and who I have yet to see also has a blanket in progress.

So just to add more oddity to my everyday life, I now sneak into back rooms while working. In order to knit. It’s like a drug.

I do have a favorite Yarn shop, Threadbear on Waverly between Michigan ave and St. Joe on the east side of the road, across from Falsetta’s. They have couches and dogs and coffee in the shop. You can sit and knit all day long. I told them that If they were to go wireless as well, I’d never have to go into the office again. One can only hope.

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  1. I prefer crochet myself. I can’t handle more than one needle at a time. You know more people knit than you may believe. But they are all too chicken to come out of the closet. Not me. I’m an open book.

    This Threadbear place sounds very interesting… I will have to check it out. We could go together and make it a knitting date. An all day knitting date. That sounds like fun.

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