Lila and Eva

Beva the Great!

Fred Sanford stumbling

I just wanted to share this with everyone: My daughter looks like Fred Sanford when she walks. It’s a stinking riot.

Eva walking like Fred Sanford


Quote of the Day

“If I had my choice of being in this room or standing in the crater of an active volcano, you know which one I’d pick, don’t you?”

-Andy, Triggermen


Do not be yolked. . .

So, this could totally be just me, but does anyone else ever feel like the people in your lives who really understand and enjoy you are not christian people?

I’ve recently joined two “book groups.” I mean, we do read books but one of the groups is more closely related to a gab session and the other doubles as a knitting group. All of the women are older and most of them are not christian, some to the point of being atheistic. But, you know what, they are nice. Really nice, kind people who listen to me and seem to understand a lot of what goes on in my life. They offer insight without being weird and they do not seem to be afraid to say things that are hard to hear. But they also don’t seem to be frought with condemnation for me for holding the “wrong” beliefs or having strong emotions about what goes on in my life.

now, don’t respond to this with “unbelievers can’t be trusted” or ” the advice they give is always wrong” or anything to convince me that this experience is wrong and unwise. I am a big girl (in more ways than one, Ha Ha) and I canmake some decisions on my own. I can sift good advice from worldly advice with the help of the word. and the advice is often contrary to what the word says. That’s ok. I can know that and takei t for what it is. But really the thing I love is that they can say those things, I can hear them and it doesn’t become a “holier-than-thou, white canvas shoe, just bear up under the pressure convention.”

Believe it or not, sometimes things get bad, despite (or perhaps because of ) Christ. The badness of things does not have to negate my belief in Christ or my hope for a relationship with Him. It really doesn’t. and I like that these ladies agree with me on that. Sometimes I think life is more complicated than we give it credit for. And simply too, in that, my history with christianity has not allowed for feeling yucky, but sometimes, people do.

What do you think?


Why your movable type blog must die.

So Noel has this interesting link to a rant about how movable type sucks and bloggers, that is, people who blog, suck, etc. Now not being a technocrat I don’t understand much of the ranting but I find it really amusing that people can get that bent out of shape about someone else’s personal journal.

Davin likes to remind me that there is such a thing as a BLACK WEB, which, I guess, means that there are zillions (that is a technical term) of sites and pages out there that search engines, bots and people simply cannot find or access due to bad code or intentional obscurity.

I love that concept. I’m a conspiracy theorist at heart.

The thought of hidden stuff is exhilarating; even though I know most of it is probably like the site I had to build for my English 453 class in college. BAD! Either way, Ranting will not stop the flow or stem the tide and movable type works for dingbats like me (and apparently, Noel). SO, MOOOHAHAHAHAHAHAH, you angry ranter. I shake my fist at you with indignation.

Gotta go. Grading papers.


Why yes, I do. . .

even though you beat me to it. The exact quote was, “I mean, ‘I love Jesus’ in rainbow colors never got me excited.”

Nice. This from a kid, Joe, I think, originally from Chicago, who is now at MSU, in response to Noel’s message today on being in the world, but not of the world.

It was a good message. The quote was better.



So our comment count has almost caught up with our posting count. Just a bit of trivia.

I was just grading papers. Not really grading but reading and commenting. I don’t grade until they’ve had 2 or 3 chances at it. I’m tired of reading papers now. They are early and they are not so great. When my students comment or respond to prompts like, “next week you are going to teach the class. Tell me what you will keep and what you will change,” they are very interesting and candid. But when they respond to an assignment like, ” What is your core passion,” they are stilted and repetative. I guess it’s hard to think sometimes.

Anyway, Davin’s post about 9-11 didn’t get any response so I thought I’d throw my 2 cents in.

I was reading Plato (for school, clearly) and I had just gotten Lila to nap and off the phone with another mommy friend (Sarah Jackson, the greatest, she shook up the world, she shook up the world). Sarah called me back. I was a little annoyed because I had just told her that I needed to read this ultra boring book for class that night. But when she said, “We’re under attack,” I found that both hard to believe and alarming, becuase Sarah is not an alarmist.

I turned on the TV. And said, “come over. right now.” We hung up the phone, I think, because it rang again soon after. Kim Felcher was on the line. We were in awe and quiet desperation (the kids were still sleeping, mind). Have you ever been on the phone with someone and not talked but you cannot hang up. Finally, we decided on Lunch. If we have to be miserable, we’ll do it together, doggone it!

So the mommy’s came over and the kids played and slept and played and slept. We may have made a concession toward Sesame Street at some point but the news reigned the day. I don’t know if you can imagine having infant children, living 1/2 mile from an airport with phone lines jammed and husbands working and being alone. We could not imagine it. and so we did not endure it. The mommies were over for hours until we could go home and feel confident that we could do mom amidst this terror.

Sarah’s husband worked for the newspaper. I don’t know when he got home that night.

We have a collective history that, because of media most of the world shares. But the interesting point is where our individual history intersects with the collective. Believe it or not we are not all living the same life. Where were you?


An apt description?

Reading a new book. . .Here’s a quote for you.

“She couldn’t even pat a child on the head, he reflected bitterly, without breaking its neck, the kind of touch she had.”

Wow. What do you suppose that says about a person?


Class of ’94

Wow. I just got home from my 10 year class reunion banquet. It’s 2:42 in the morning. We danced, drank a little, ate a lot, and had a really great time.

I am a little surprised.

I didn’t really expect it to be unfun, but I certainly didn’t expect it to be really fun. So everyone needs to go to theirs. High School is often called “the best years of your life” and other total ridiculous things. Really it’s often long, drawnout and sorta painful. Yuk.

But this thing is not high school. It is grown-ups talking about what moves them now and how they are trying hard to save their part of the world in their own special way. We had lots of entrepreneurs in our class and many, many teachers, some youth workers, a guy studying to be a rabbi, lots of married people and cute kids. it was really fun. So no interesting witticisms. Just wanted to share.

P.S. I had 4 drinks. Speak softly to me.


for those who don’t read the comments

The bible study. silly phrase. I think I may blog it. Getting together only every other week or so. We are all busy people. I’m gonna go ahead and start at the beginning. Genesis, that is. and Just look through for references to prayer or conversations with God and study them. I might use bible search engines on line and concordances. I don’t want to get bogged down in leviticus or the like. what do you think, folks? Interested?


katsup; ketchup; catsup; catch-up

So, here’s the skinny (isn’t that funny, coming from me)!

Classes have started at LCC. I teach Tue and Thurs. I’m not gonna tell you when or where. I know some of you can’t resist an opportunity to heckle.

Classes went well last week and I am really, really excited! I love teaching. So much. I should do it all the time.

anyway. Still working the other job. yep.

Watched the olympics. LOVE it. I am such a couch potato that I really get excited watching other people expend energy for my entertainment.

Looking for a small group. I would like to do an inductive study (whole bible) on prayer and a talking to God. Any takers? We thought about stopping in to the “Young Couples” meeting thing at Steve and Evie’s on Sunday but apparently, we are not young or a couple. . .wait.

Anyway, today is my birthday. John and Elizabeth got me a cake. Davin took me to lunch at Chang’s. YOU didn’t call me. It’s my birthday for, crying out loud!

Just kidding. Comment. I’m feeling a little out of the loop working so much.