Author: Chey Davis

  • Beva the Great!

    I just wanted to share this with everyone: My daughter looks like Fred Sanford when she walks. It’s a stinking riot.

  • Quote of the Day

    “If I had my choice of being in this room or standing in the crater of an active volcano, you know which one I’d pick, don’t you?” -Andy, Triggermen

  • Do not be yolked. . .

    So, this could totally be just me, but does anyone else ever feel like the people in your lives who really understand and enjoy you are not christian people? I’ve recently joined two “book groups.” I mean, we do read books but one of the groups is more closely related to a gab session and […]

  • Why your movable type blog must die.

    So Noel has this interesting link to a rant about how movable type sucks and bloggers, that is, people who blog, suck, etc. Now not being a technocrat I don’t understand much of the ranting but I find it really amusing that people can get that bent out of shape about someone else’s personal journal. […]

  • Why yes, I do. . .

    even though you beat me to it. The exact quote was, “I mean, ‘I love Jesus’ in rainbow colors never got me excited.” Nice. This from a kid, Joe, I think, originally from Chicago, who is now at MSU, in response to Noel’s message today on being in the world, but not of the world. […]

  • intersections

    So our comment count has almost caught up with our posting count. Just a bit of trivia. I was just grading papers. Not really grading but reading and commenting. I don’t grade until they’ve had 2 or 3 chances at it. I’m tired of reading papers now. They are early and they are not so […]

  • An apt description?

    Reading a new book. . .Here’s a quote for you. “She couldn’t even pat a child on the head, he reflected bitterly, without breaking its neck, the kind of touch she had.” Wow. What do you suppose that says about a person?

  • Class of ’94

    Wow. I just got home from my 10 year class reunion banquet. It’s 2:42 in the morning. We danced, drank a little, ate a lot, and had a really great time. I am a little surprised. I didn’t really expect it to be unfun, but I certainly didn’t expect it to be really fun. So […]

  • for those who don’t read the comments

    The bible study. silly phrase. I think I may blog it. Getting together only every other week or so. We are all busy people. I’m gonna go ahead and start at the beginning. Genesis, that is. and Just look through for references to prayer or conversations with God and study them. I might use bible […]

  • katsup; ketchup; catsup; catch-up

    So, here’s the skinny (isn’t that funny, coming from me)! Classes have started at LCC. I teach Tue and Thurs. I’m not gonna tell you when or where. I know some of you can’t resist an opportunity to heckle. Classes went well last week and I am really, really excited! I love teaching. So much. […]