Let’s generate some good Karma!

So, not much new around here, but I do have an interesting quote for you.

Grace Heikkinen: “Don’t you ever feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to eat all the food you want to eat?”

Me: “That is hilarious.”

So, I don’t feel like that. I really don’t. That is about the craziest thing I have ever heard made all the more amusing by the fact that Grace is easily half my size and has this love affair with food that is (in my life) unparalled. She’s a riot. Only a skinny person could say something like that with a straight face.

I have been knitting. I ” finished” Davin’s scarf last night. I don’t like the way it looks so I’m doing it again. No big deal. Seed stitch with cascade heathered maroon wool on 10.5 needles. Should be nice.

I want to start a “small group” of knitters/hand workers who do work for sick babies or parents of sick kids or poor kids or something. Some kind of save the world group that combines knitting or crochet or sewing (whatever the hand worker would prefer to do) and . . .saving the world. Any takers? I know that Sparrow hospital has specs for baby hats and booties (I have that already) and Shanna Brack at riverview is head of the compassion projects, so I am going to ask her if she has any good ideas of how to implement this project.

But since I don’t know how to make a bonnet yet this will have to wait. Just till next week (maybe this weekend). Shall we start there with the bonnets? We could also make hats for kids with cancer or soft blankets (like loveys) for kids at Ele’s place or something like that which would be pretty fast. What do you think?

Maybe we could get donations of single skeins from the yarn shops?

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  1. Grace

    { MOOD: Conflicted | ITUNES: “Let’s Get Retarded” – Black Eyed Peas } Chey posted this interesting thought regarding a conversation she had with my wife: Grace Heikkinen: “Don’t you ever feel like there are just not enough hours in…

  2. Hey, that sounds like a good idea. I don’t know if you’ve been going to any of their ‘startup’ type meetings for compassion stuff, but that’s exactly the kind of thing they are aiming for — getting people with similar interests to form their own groups to do what they do best. Then all those groups can together form a network of support for people at church, people in the neighborhood, and people in the world.

    I’m sure Shanna would love for you to help start something like that. She might take part in it, too. She knitted a scarf for me last year.

  3. I think it’s a great idea : )

    I did indeed make a scarf for Travis, however, it looks more like a snake. Maybe hats and bootie things will be easier : )

  4. GGGRRRRREEEAAATT! Let’s do it. Shanna, would you include an invite to participate in some of the compassion emails or email me about how you would best prefer to proceed with something like this?

  5. Sure : ) The next meeting is October 14th at Riverview at 7pm : ) Figured you could talk about it then as well as, I’ll put the idea in my next email, which will go out this weekend : )

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