Shooting is humbling

Adam and I ran a practice 900 point match today. It consisted of thirty shots of slow fire at fifty yards, thirty shots of timed fire at twenty-five yards, and thirty shots of rapid fire at twenty-five yards. We scored each ten-shot target, and ran it fairly close to how a real match would go.

And, wow, I’m glad it wasn’t a real match!

My first two slow fire targets hurt my score the most. They were both in the 70s. The final score for my practice was 804-6X out of a possible 900 points. So there’s a benchmark to improve from.

One response to “Shooting is humbling”

  1. Ahhh man! I thought we were supposed to score as LOW as possible, not HIGH. That changes my strategy drastically (i.e., I should actually HIT the target.)

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