“Everybody get together, try to love one another, right now”

“If church is run as a business or corporation, it ceases to be a family. But if church truly is a family, we not only will support one another, we will confront one another. Otherwise, there is little accountability.”

-Glenn Kaiser

For those who don’t know, Glenn Kaiser is the main talker from the Rez Band; a band or rather the original band of the Jesus People USA.

Now JPUSA is like a commune. Literally. They live together, pool all their resources and work at business built for and by members of the commune.

The interesting thing about this is Glenn Kaiser’s quote on church involvment. Davin and I have been having a really, really rough time lately (in our marriage and our lives) and I think very few people in our church have any idea. This is not to say “HELP” but rather to wonder about the level of our involvment.

For me, it has become a question of trust. Who can I trust with my woes? The real ones, not the generic “every relationship goes through (insert after-school special topic here).” And I have learned that I don’t really trust many people. And that makes me feel quite alone.

As well, there is the fear of confrontation. No one is blameless (there is none who is good. No, not one). Who can I trust enough to help me grow, change, be better at being myself? A topic for another time.

Anyway, I’d say we were pretty plugged in at our church. But maybe not. Of course, I’m sure we are being called to another level with this particular series of trials, but does it have to be so lonely at the bottom?

4 responses to ““Everybody get together, try to love one another, right now””

  1. I am with you Chey!!! We can be lonely and struggle together if you want!!! I will email you more later.

  2. Hey there – I’m not a therapist-in-training for nothing. I could exchange some conversation for some chili chocolate cake?

  3. you’re talking to the right chic, ya know…you just gotta stop hiding from me!!!!!!

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