She’s got the Mange!

So, I have this rash (kindly refrain from taking that any further, it’s a teeny tiny spot), but we don’t have any insurance right now and not a lot of disposable income (certainly not disposable on dumb old doctors).

Anyway, So I go on-line to see what dread disease I might have. The problem with all the on-line doctor sites is that they take pictures of — you guessed it — White People as examples for all the illnesses. Now, for thoes of you who don’t know, I am not white people. So, no, it looks like nothing I or anyone else has ever seen.

So, I’m in a quandry. Spend $300 dollars on doctors and perscriptions for ringworm or poison something or go to the Health Department for a few years of waiting or waylay some unsuspecting nurse or doctor at church. The only doctor I know is a dentist.

Luckily, in a mommy’s bible study this morning one of the women reveals that she is a nurse (granted, she probably said that sometime already, but I can’t be expected to remember everything). She looked at my rash and pronounced:

“That looks like shingles. You need a herpes medication.”

good grief.

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