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  • UserVue review

    UserVue is an application from TechSmith. At work we’ve used it recently to do remote user interviews, where we’ve had people who use our services talk us through some emailed reports they received from us. It allows us to view and record a user’s screen, and save it as a WMV or Morae file. Additionally, […]

  • OS 10.4.2 does not connect to Win 2000 server

    As noted in the prior post, I had no problem connecting to a Windows 2000 Server shared volume with Active Directory authentication using Mac OS 10.2.8. When I tried doing the exact same process on Mac OS 10.4.2, I got a -36 error. Basically, it doesn’t work. So, there is some sort of conflict with […]

  • Was able to connect with OS 10.2.8 to Win 2000 server using Active Directory authentication (Troubleshooting, continued)

    I tried on my old standby Mac at home (an old G3 Blue and White running OS 10.2.8). I had to first connect to the MSU Virtual Private Network, but once I logged on to the VPN, I was able to Connect to Server and mount the volume I’ve been after. Now, to see if […]

  • Troubleshooting OS 10.4 connection to Windows share using Active Directory authentication

    I’m trying to mount a shared volume on the Mac OS 10.4 laptop I use at MSU. The shared volume is on a Windows server and it uses Active Directory to authenticate user names and passwords in the domain. I have all the right information (server address, share name, user name, password), and I have […]

  • Coming soon? Dual-boot, Mac & Win

    So all this talk about Apple moving its OS to x86 processors makes me think that at some point down the road, we’ll be able to buy a system from Apple (because they won’t officially permit the OS to run on just any computer – not that hacks aren’t already running) that has OS 10.5 […]

  • Securing the Mac 10.4 laptop

    I talked with a guy from the MSU Computer Store this morning about getting Norton AntiVirus or Internet Security for the Mac laptop I’ve been using. His recommendation is to just get AntiVirus 10 for the Mac and change a few settings on the laptop. Here are his recommendations: Turn off Bluetooth, Discoverable, so that […]

  • Eva’s mystique with the iBook

    The girls have this uncanny ability to undermine Chey’s iBook. A few months ago, Lila was “working” on Chey’s computer while I was reading a book. When she was done working, she had managed to move the Library directory from /Users/cheygranroth/ to /Users/cheygranroth/Documents. The tricky part was neither Chey nor I realized what had happened […]

  • Trackpad button fix on clamshell iBook

    A couple months ago I installed new hard drive in Chey’s laptop, a tangerine iBook of the clamshell variety. In the process I managed (why does this sound like a confession to me?) to fracture the ribbon between the trackpad and the mainboard, disabling the trackpad button. So, after trying to fix it and failing, […]

  • Why, Apple? Why?

    So, it’s cool to be able to say that you have a former Vice President of the United States on your Board, but the news that Apple voted in Al Gore caused my stomach to turn, just a little anway. At least Apple is easier to spell than, ah, potato. I am, by the way, […]