Troubleshooting OS 10.4 connection to Windows share using Active Directory authentication

I’m trying to mount a shared volume on the Mac OS 10.4 laptop I use at MSU. The shared volume is on a Windows server and it uses Active Directory to authenticate user names and passwords in the domain.

I have all the right information (server address, share name, user name, password), and I have successfully mounted the network drive on a Windows XP system.

On the Mac, I go to Go->Connect to Server, and I type in the smb://server.address/sharename and click the Connect button. I am then prompted for a domain, user name, and a password. I enter all the information in the appropriate boxes, and proceed to get an error: Error Code -36.

I’d write in the text of the error message, but I think I’ve tried logging in too many times so my account seems frozen.

I tried connecting through a VPN. No luck. I tried using CFIS protocol instead of SMB. No luck.

I just tried the command line smbclient and made some progress, but I’m really out of my element here.

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