Author: Davin Granroth

  • This blog is 10 years old

    Hey, I just realized that I’ve been blogging for ten years now. That’s some kind of milestone. From hand-crafted to Blogger to MovableType to WordPress Back when I started in 2003, it was really a learning experiment on my part. I was a consultant at the time, and felt that I needed to get first […]

  • 1st try at the LCP challenge

  • Thinking: Taxonomy of shooting ranges

    I’ve been overwhelmed by feedback from a side project of mine,, and am working on upgrading it so that site visitors can make some updates on their own without having to go through me. It’s great how even seemingly little projects like this raise information architecture questions so promptly. Wait…what the heck does “access” […]

  • My new .22 target pistol, Marvel and Springfield Range Officer

    Over the past couple months I’ve worked out the kinks on a new .22 target pistol, and I figured I’d share the details. The new gun: Marvel Unit 1 conversion on a Springfield Armory Range Officer frame After much consideration, I decided to go with a Marvel Precision Unit 1. That is a conversion unit […]

  • Excluding a site in a Google search

    Want to get search results from Google that aren’t from a specific site? Put a minus sign to the left of “site,” as in this search query: “reliability of wikipedia”

  • LinkedIn UX groups, data and questions

    Doesn’t it seem like there are a lot of user experience groups on LinkedIn? I’ve joined a few of them in hopes of staying up-to-date on topics, but after joining a couple groups, I quickly realized there were many more possible groups, and they all started looking pretty similar to me. Why would I join […]

  • Attitude-adjusting pointers for professionals

    Over the years, others have shared a few attitude-adjusting pointers with me about work. They’ve stood the test of time for me in a number of different jobs. Here they are. 1. Remember, you don’t need this job. You need a job, but not this one. In my first full-time, salaried position, my boss shared […]

  • UX and Project Mangement cross-over article from Interactions magazine

    A Taxonomy of Models Used in the Design Process by Joanne Mendel in the Jan + Feb 2012 edition of Interactions magazine is pretty interesting. At Covenant Eyes we’re continually in the churn of Agile development, and integrating user experience work can be challenging. We’re figuring it out, and have definitely made some breakthroughs, but […]

  • Downsizing my mattress

    My current mattress is a little too soft for my bad back’s liking. And it’s just too big. I’m decidedly single at this point, have never been too tied to possessions in general, and so for me my queen mattress is just a nervous tick on the side of crazy. It’s time to downsize. So, […]

  • Make an alternate form to register for nanny taxes and increase state tax revenue

    Ah, the nanny tax. Some quick Google searches show a range of 80 to 95% of people who are obligated to pay the nanny tax, simply don’t. (NYTimes, That’s a pretty whopping statistic. As I’ve been finding out, it would certainly be easier to just skip it. This past summer I hired a nanny […]